Partnership Approach. We are a trusted advisor with a unique private owner focus.

Our Firm

Vesticor Advisors was founded on the principle that owner-operated companies in the lower middle market are unique and require specialized advice when considering strategic investment and exit opportunities. Vesticor addresses the needs of entrepreneurs, founders and shareholders of private companies with specialized services that include M&A advisory, strategic advisory and capital advisory solutions. But we are not traditional investment bankers: The Vesticor team brings a unique perspective to client engagements through our experiences as company founders, operators, investors and advisors.

Our Story

We believe that small and mid-sized businesses represent the heartbeat of our nation and the engine of growth for the U.S. economy. We share the greatest respect for those business owners who sacrifice, who challenge the odds, who have the ambition and dedication to pursue dreams others say are impossible.

We understand that building a business takes years of hard work and dedication, we have been in your shoes. After founding, building and exiting our own businesses, we came together to support other business owners in achieving their dreams for growth and expansion, or for liquidity and transition. Our passion is working with the real people and families who have dedicated their all to build great businesses, and helping to preserve legacy and to maximize the value of their life’s work.

Our Value Proposition

Focus on Founder & Owner-Operated Businesses

With our focus on lower middle market advisory, we prepare private owners and their companies for the transaction of a lifetime. We advise owners of family-owned or founder-owned businesses well before a liquidity transaction. When the time comes to execute, we work to achieve all of the objectives of private owners, serving as a trusted advisor through critical business transitions.

Execution Experience and Excellence: Smooth Processes, Successful Transactions

Vesticor professionals come with years of significant transaction experience from leading investment banks and investment firms. We have evaluated and executed some of the most complex M&A and financing transactions, delivering unmatched capabilities to our clients. In so doing, we have built a reputation for professionalism and excellence in transaction and project execution.

Deep Relationships with Industry Leaders and Centers of Influence

A robust network of deep, long-standing relationships gives Vesticor the ability to conduct valuable research, make powerful introductions, and achieve success in client engagements. Having been investors and strategic buyers ourselves, our team offers an immediate network of potential strategic and financial partners to execute superior client solutions.

We Were Operators First 

Our clients’ interests always come first. This client commitment is paramount to our success and permeates everything we do. We believe that to truly advise a client on what is likely the most important transaction in their professional careers, it is essential to have been “in the driver’s seat”. We provide clients with first-hand advice to inform their most mission-critical strategic decisions, and never recommend a transaction that we wouldn’t make ourselves

Affinity Toward Entrepreneurship

Vesticor’s professionals are entrepreneurs and have a vast network of likeminded individuals. Whether at a small start-up or inside a large corporation, we know entrepreneurs often like to go it alone. At some point, however, outside assistance becomes a requisite for the success of a company’s promising ventures. We are your entrepreneurial investment bank.

Responsibly Modern

We view technology as an enabling force, when appropriate. We are proficient in the latest deal supporting technologies, and have built our own proprietary competitive intelligence and data analytics software to support client engagements. But we use technology responsibly: To maximize value for our clients, to streamline communication, to maintain confidentiality, and to make the entire M&A process more efficient and effective.

Why Clients Hire Vesticor

Experience. We have built and sold some of the fastest growing privately held companies in the country.

Honesty. We won’t tell you what we think you want to hear, just to bring you on board as a client. We know exactly what types of clients we want, and we always set the proper expectations up front. We don’t recommend a deal we wouldn’t make ourselves.

Transparency. Having you know exactly what is going on at all times is key to our communication and success plan. When you work with Vesticor, you have access to everything that we have as we proceed to a closing.

Connected. Whether looking to sell your business, raise capital or find a strategic partner, an M&A advisor should extend your network and open up new channels of communication with potential partners. The quality of our relationships allows us to meaningfully enhance your network with a simple phone call.

High-Energy. It takes a relentless amount of focus and energy to bring a deal to close, and we have a passion for this business that is unmatched. We make the process fun, and we enjoy seeing our clients succeed.

Leaders and Finishers. Supporting a client through a deal process requires leadership, and we embrace the challenge. When important decisions need to be made, and the waters get choppy (as they often do), we work through the issues and solve the problems to achieve the most successful outcomes for our clients.

Confidentiality. We understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to representing your business to the marketplace.

Down to Earth. We take this business seriously, but you will find us very easy to work with.