Focused on Integral Infrastructure Companies

Vesticor offers its clients deep advisory experience in the Infrastructure & Construction industry. We focus on advising companies that provide services and products that are integral to the U.S. transportation, communications, water, energy and residential infrastructure.

Our professionals work with a range of companies that offer infrastructure support products and services, engineering and construction services, capital equipment and building products necessary to maintain and expand the nation’s vast infrastructure networks.

Monitoring the Long-Term Outlook for Sector Growth

We continually monitor key drivers of current and future infrastructure and construction spending and investment, both public and private, which underpin the long-term growth outlook in this segment. The state of U.S. infrastructure stands at a critical juncture – bridge collapses, poor water quality, rolling brownouts and blackouts and other crises of the last decade have raised awareness of the urgent need for infrastructure repair and upgrade investments.

At the same time, the nation faces a growing infrastructure funding gap that is estimated to approach a cumulative $2 trillion during the next five years. Insufficient long-term, historical investment in infrastructure maintenance and expansion has resulted in dilapidated systems that are incapable of meeting the needs of the growing U.S. population.

Skillful Guidance and Advice

These factors are key drivers behind the expected long-term strength of demand for infrastructure & construction activity; our clients in the sector look to Vesticor’s industry knowledge and investor relationships to skillfully guide them through transactions that achieve their growth and liquidity objectives.

We advise on a wide array of transactional situations, beginning with planning for liquidity needs and an eventual transaction to executing pre-emptive sales, targeted buy-side and sell-side processes and broad sell-side engagements.

By staying ahead of market trends, we help our clients to position their businesses to take advantage of the critical roles they play in addressing the U.S. infrastructure challenge.


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