Building a New Industrial Age

For much of the 20th century, industrial growth and diversified manufacturing was the bedrock foundation of the United States economy. While much has changed in recent decades, niche-focused, high-value-add manufacturers and industrial businesses continue to thrive in the 21st century by carving out leading market positions and exploiting competitive advantages derived from deep industry expertise.

From commercial and industrial equipment to precision manufacturing, engineered products and industrial distribution, Vesticor has deep and extensive experience in the industrial growth and diversified manufacturing sectors.

Strong Relationships with Key Buyers and Decision Makers

Our leadership enjoys strong relationships with the key domestic and international strategic and financial buyers active in the industrial growth and manufacturing sectors. We are in frequent dialogue with decision makers and closely monitor corporate acquisition strategies and areas of focus for middle-market financial sponsors with an affinity for the sector.

We are available to advise on a wide array of situations, from pre-sale advisory work for privately-held businesses and portfolio companies to managing pre-emptive conversations with strategic buyers and broad sell-side engagements.


〉 Chemicals

〉 Commercial & Industrial Equipment

〉 Electronic Equipment

〉 Engineered and Other Textile Products

〉 Forest & Paper Products

〉 General Industrial

〉 Industrial Distributors

〉 Industrial Services

〉 Metals and Metal Components

〉 Plastics & Packaging

〉 Precision Manufacturing

〉 Process & Measurement Controls or Sensors