On Top of Trends in a Dynamic Industry

Healthcare is at the intersection of a number of key global trends, including rapidly developing technology and pressures for cost reduction, as well as increased demand for secure, accurate management of information. Middle-market companies have developed products and services that address these needs, and there is significant transaction activity in the dynamic Healthcare Products & Services sector.

Monitoring Middle-Market Developments

Vesticor monitors developments in this sector, and our team brings extensive experience in healthcare and medical technology to bear on our advisory work on behalf of companies providing services and products in the space.

We focus on middle-market healthcare companies in need of transitional or growth capital, as well as those seeking potential strategic or financial sponsor acquirers who can partner with the company for its next stage of growth.

We are available to discuss strategic alternatives, or to work with you to design the ideal transaction structure or process for your company.


〉 Contract Research

〉 Distributors

〉 Facilities & Alternative Site Care Services

〉 Information Services

〉 Medical & Dental Products/Devices

〉 Medical, Dental, & Pharmaceutical Services

〉 Outsourcing Services

〉 Revenue Cycle Management

〉 Specialty Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals