Significant Operational and Transactional Experience

Financial Services represent increasingly important industries for the U.S. economy and its ongoing security and stability. At Vesticor, Financial Services practice is led by professionals who combine significant operational and transactional experience in the industry. We focus on businesses within these sectors that provide a critical service or product and are well positioned for sustained growth.

Key Areas of Industry Expertise

Wealth Advisory

The practice of Wealth Advisory, or Financial Planning, has become one of the most dynamic industries in the world. The services in this segment revolve around solving complex financial concerns for families using a variety of financial products.

Asset Management

Asset Management companies play a critical role in the financial services industry. Vesticor has an impressive track record of working with some of the largest companies in this space to raise assets under management (AUM), manage distribution strategies and strengthen product diversity.

Product Distribution

With vast knowledge of wholesale business models, Vesticor has become an expert in companies that distribute asset management products to retail financial advisors and institutional investors.


〉 Wealth Management

〉 Asset Management

〉 Specialty Finance

〉 CPA Practices

〉 Insurance Providers

〉 Debt Settlement

〉 Factoring

〉 Banks and Depository Institutions