In a Demand-Driven Energy World, We Supply Experience

Vesticor serves downstream companies providing mission critical maintenance and services; upstream specialists in technology, systems and support that serve exploration and production companies; and midstream providers of maintenance and distribution services.

Vesticor professionals also have strong relationships with corporations and financial sponsors that focus on the Energy space and know the particular subsector interests of those groups.

We stay on top of the drivers of global and domestic energy trends and are particularly focused on the dynamics of supply and demand, both for the commodities that fuel the industry and for critical services that literally keep the energy grid operating.

Tracking New Approaches That Drive Growth

International growth, and a focus on “clean” production, has had a dramatic impact on the demand for services throughout the industry. New techniques and technologies for tapping into reserves are driving significant growth among certain segments of the oil service industry. At the same time, an aging U.S. energy infrastructure – particularly in petrochemical refining and distribution – is drawing heightened scrutiny of maintenance and safety in the midstream and downstream segments.

We advise on a wide array of solutions, from managing pre-emptive or targeted processes to broad sell-side engagements.


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