Significant Operational and Transactional Experience

Aerospace, Defense & Government Services represent increasingly important industries for the U.S. economy and its ongoing security and stability. At Vesticor, our Aerospace, Defense & Government Services practice is led by professionals who combine significant operational and transactional experience in the industry. We focus on businesses within these sectors that provide a critical service or product and are well positioned for sustained growth.

Key Areas of Industry Expertise

Aviation Services

The Aviation Services market includes fixed based operators (FBOs), air transport as well as providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and other aviation support services.  Businesses and governments are increasingly outsourcing their aviation functions to companies operating in this sector.


C4ISR, also known as Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, is of great importance to our national security. The products and services in this segment include communications systems, autonomous aircraft/vehicles, cyber security and satellite equipment.

Commercial Aerospace

Commercial aerospace encompasses a wide range of services and products to include airframe and component manufacturing, avionics systems and MRO. The anticipated ramp in production is expected to double the size of the global fleet in the next twenty years.


Protection of proprietary networks, information and intellectual property are becoming increasingly important as the threat and consequences associated with cyber attacks grow. This sector includes software developers, implementers and training and compliance providers.

Geospatial Information Services

The proliferation of geospatial data is generating demand for curated content solutions across a broad range of governmental applications. Innovation within this sector is being driven by those companies that are able to provide differentiated content, analysis and services that empower customers to make effective decisions within dynamic environments.

Government Services

Government services businesses play an increasingly critical role assisting the government to become more efficient and to reduce overhead. The government services segment includes businesses that provide consulting, engineering, logistics, IT services and other outsourced business services.

Military Aerospace

The aging military fleet (with mounting maintenance costs), ramping production of new platforms such as the Joint Strike Fighter and continued demand for rotary wing platforms, will influence the military sector of the aerospace market.

Stability Services

The stability sector includes a diverse mix of growing businesses that help governments, NGOs and corporations address the complex and evolving matrix of local, regional and global threats such as the threat of conflict, natural disasters and civil unrest around the globe.

Tactical Products

The tactical products market includes equipment such as body armor, chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive protection equipment (CBRNE), communications equipment, survival gear, force protection equipment, clothing and various other pieces of equipment for the warfighter and law enforcement.

Training / Simulation

Training and simulation products and services, which lower overall costs and improve efficiencies, have benefitted from the current fiscal environment as the military and businesses seek more efficient and cost effective methods of training. The segment includes flight simulators, live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training systems, e-learning platforms and graphics design.